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Welcome to CURV-O-MARK, manufacturers of high-quality layout tools & systems for pipe welders & fitters.

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Our Wrap-A-Round rulers are a life-saver for pipe fitters and welders, as they measure pipes quickly and easily.

Contour Markers

Looking for an easy way to measure and mark pipes for welding? Our contour markers are designed specifically for welders and fitters and will help you get the job done.

Flange Aligners

CURV-O-MARK flange aligning tools let you measure pipes quickly and more importantly, precisely.

Centering Heads

Centering heads are a handy tool used by workers to set centre lines, establish angles and marks for butt-ins, locate points inside pipes and tanks.


How can you determine angles, without a level?! Used by many to set up projects and check for levels, these are a must-have.

Radius Markers

Offering guaranteed accuracy and rigidity, CURV-O-MARK's radius markers are an essential for all precision pipe fitting and welding needs.


Curv-O-Mark has been proudly manufacturing layout tools and systems in the United States for several decades, benefitting pipe fitters and pipe welders around the world.


Over the years, we've developed a reputation for excellence and consistency in various sectors. No matter what precision-oriented task you have at hand, our tools will make your work easier, offer an extended working life and help bring precision to any layout task.


CURV-O-MARK products are designed to assist professionals in better accuracy and efficiency in their jobs. Curv-O-Mark's precision markout tools are of high quality and offer great accuracy for a variety of cutting and welding tasks.

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