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Curv-O- Mark Standard Contour Marker (J1874)

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The Curv-O-Mark Contour Marker is a compact, timesaving tool used to lay out pipe and structural steel joints. Laterals at any angle, tees, wyes, crosses and elbows.

Any type or size of joint can be quickly and precisely laid out. No complicated mathematical formulas. No  cut and try. No material waste. 


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The Contour Marker can be used to lay out pipe from 1-1/2 to 18 in. diameter, or structural steel members up to 18 in. The Contour Marker consists of an X-shaped frame, calibrated protractor, and a triple-jointed marking arm and holder. The holder accepts a soapstone crayon (included), felt pen or pencil.

The frame easily folds into a compact tool that fits into a pocket or carrying case. It can be used right-side up or upside down, depending on the direction of the line to be scribed. The protractor is calibrated on both sides—one in degrees, the other in rise-inches-per-foot—to service any type of measurement need. The unit comes with a Structural adaptor designed to simplify the layout of structural joints, including I-beams, angles, channels, square tubing and similar shapes. The optional Combination adaptor accessory allows the Contour Marker to lay out joints on larger size pipe, as well as scribe compound angles with just one setting.

The Contour Marker is made from durable, lightweight aluminium. It requires minimal maintenance, only occasional oiling of the joints, to provide long service life.

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